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Claire Dear Steven, I came searching to touch a friend of mine who died, unbeknowst to me, a few years back and found his work on your Lessons from the Dead. How pitifully ironic. While I cannot hear him any longer I am glad that he had the chance to play with you and your friends. I listened to what was available to hear of your work. I must say that while I am very appreciative of your poetry, your singing and arranging leaves me unintersted. This is absolutely NOT a criticism. The style you choose you obviously excel at - I just have no great taste for folk. But as I said, your written work is lovely and a tad bit melancholy. I enjoy your column in the LVRJSun. Now having read both sides of you I find you to be a bit more of a dichotomy, and entirely more intriguing. Continued best wishes on all your endeavors.
Linda McSweeney Just a thank you for your Tues. Sun. column in the R.J. Tell the publishers it's the Reason I take the paper. Loved the latest on "eyes". Uh-oh... I just saw the rest of this page, didn't know you were a musician, too. Now you ARE the ideal man. Can you imagine life without music - or equally difficult, without making music. Glad you're on the planet. Linda
Pat Discovered your column when I had a long-distance relationship with a man who lives in Vegas (I'm in Houston, Texas). And while that didn't work out I was particularly grateful for inernet technology so I could continue reading your stuff. I'm a social worker with a BS in Psychology and not only like your opinion but usually agree and always respect it. Imagine my surprise when last month I realized you were a song writer as well. LOVE your new CD and have many favorites from the first one - thanks. It's obvious you put a lot of yourselef into your songwriting and listening to your music has "mattered" a great deal to me. Keep going and keep sharing. Do you ever go on the road? Pat
Buzz Jensen Hi, My name is Buzz Jensen. I am looking for a Steven Kalas who lived in Phoenix 20 years ago. He was a minister and married my wife and me. We want to repeat our vows for our 20th. Are this person??? Please contact me at this e-mail address or call my cell 602-300- 3065. Thanks Buzz Jensen
Jacquelyne Joens I was just introduced to your articles - have enjoyed reading what I have and look forward to reading more...thank you!
Karen Joanne Klaassen Hello Steven, I just read the June 17th R-J Rewind article which was a rewind of the May 25th article. It was titled "There's only two questions: where, when? Answers: here, now. I have enjoyed many of your columns and decided to follow up online. I found this website, and will check out the other one if it is still available. On first click, it did not come up. I'll try again. I relate to the spirit of your words and thank you for writing. Karen
Jim and Joannie Wiltbank Took a road trip recently listening to our Kalas CDs. This always brings smiles, good stories, and great memories of our friendship. We would love to catch up some time. Love Always, Us
Joyce Arebalo enjoyed the radio show immensely, already commented with a direct email. thank you
Mary & Paul Deignan Miss your insights and spiritual gifts...we're far away from Gettysburg, PA. Best wishes for continuing success in all your musical efforts.
Tobbe Ann Dee Well, Steven Kalas...thanks for sending me here. Learned alot about you. Like me, you are a multi-talented soul. I also write, sing (sort of), dance and my one true creative love, paint. I am an artist (will go on my tombstone). Both my adult sons are in the music business in NYC. Small world...Tobbe

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