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Sherry Schuerman Hello Steven, Very nice of you to email me your websites. You are a very accomplished fellow, and I had no idea you were so famous when you walked into my open house last weekend. I read some of your postings and am very anxious to hear you and your band. It's funny how Jackie also came in to see us at the open house, and she had invited myself and the other agent to your cd launch party, not knowing that you had also been by to see us that day. She speaks very highly of your many talents. I didn't figure out the connection between the two of you until I began compiling all of the names and numbers from our guest register, and the notes on the Garage Ma- hal party she had invited us to, touting your name. Very coincidental, huh? Anyway, Yolanda and I were planning to attend your concert on the 11th, and would also like to bring our hubbies if that's okay. My husband and I are raising our 3-yr old grandson, and will have to get a sitter, but once that hurdle is behind us, then we would love to come and hear your music. Sincerely, Sherry
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Ed Steven, I am amazed that we had breakfast together, going over our days at NAU, and not once did you mention this gift you have. It is truly a gift. I read all the words and I am amazed at the depth of your soul you bare. God bless you, your band, your music. I am going to buy a couple of CD's and send one to my brother.
Debbie Oliver / Poppermost Hi Steven, Your mention of Poppermost in your Human Matters column recently resulted in a sale of our CD, so we wanted to say thank you again for introducing us to your readers. In our thank you note to the purchaser, we also included a reference to you, since he found us through you, and thought this was something that should be heard by more than one person, so I'm including it here in your Guestbook! Thanks, Debbie ".....Again thank you, not only for checking out our music, but for supporting Steven Kalas as well. We love Steven around here, and are always impressed by the depth and style of his writing, even those rare times we might not see eye to eye. The man has an extraordinary heart and strength of insight that always comes out in his words, whether in his column or in his music. Speaking of which, if you haven't checked out Steven Kalas's music, all his music is great and his latest CD is brilliant, a true work of art."
Jason Rimer Very enjoyable listening to your Cat song. I'll be back for more. Jason
Margaret Sylvia I read with interest your essay "Grief after the Death of a Child." It is in the October newsletter put out by Susan Whitmore of GriefHaven. May I have permission to put it in our newsletter of The Peninsula Chapter of Compassionate Friends here in Grafton, Virginia? Or perhaps have it read by someone at our Christmas Candlelighting Ceremony? If so, please tell me how to attribute it. Thank you! The article is great.
Melinda Indahl Steven, Thinking about something you said to me when I was a wee 23 year old. That was 14 years ago, now. Feeling so grateful for those days at Coffee Plantation in downtown Tempe when I began my healing journey. Now I am the one on the other side of the table--listening to the wounded, while still being made whole. Your music is Real. Authentic. Kind. Ben and I have a 10 year old radiant daughter and a 5 year old dinosaur-loving son... I've Taken after you a bit... Learned to play the guitar...written a few songs. Just wanted to say "Thank you"-- when I think of you--I thank DAD for a moment in time when another compassionate human being reached out to me in my mess. Love always, Melinda
Your Name Here Fiona Kelley Your Comments Here I will try to call you this week, I've been meaning to for way too long. Want to talk to you about myrrh. Looking forward to possibly meeting you. Thank you for your time and attention. Fiona
Glen and Owen Hi Steve, I wonder if you know is cool....Hope all is well! Glen

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