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Shai Shahar Great Site! Thanx for inviting me to have a look-see. Will check back often.
Gateway """""""Jackie, What a wonderful job on the site! To Steven, you have a lot of talent; your poetry is amazing! Keep up all the great and hard work. :)"""""""
Leigh Hess """""""Perhaps a couple of times a lifetime, if we're lucky, someone comes along with whom we resonate. After listening to some of your latest music, and reading some of your most recent columns, I'm resonating. Keep the music and words, both written and sung, coming. And, a special hi to JR."""""""
Rosty Awesome site
Andre Nobels """""""Hey Steven, Thanx for your CD, I'm enjoying the great flow to it. Glad you are finally here!"""""""
Tina Suiter Steven is one of my favorite songwriters! I especially enjoy trading material with him in Fred's studio and singing harmonies on Beatles songs! Congrats on this great CD!
Tracy Ridge We all want to be in love. Some of us have been and some of us may not be again. Stevens songs put music to the stories we all have to tell about living and loving. Finally Here is the latest and truest expression of the soul and passion of a great songwriter
Jan Moreland """""""I had the good fortune to sit in on one of Steven's recording sessions. I've never before witnessed such precision, such striving for perfection. It paid off. If """"""""Finally Here"""""""" isn't perfection, it doesn't exist. Exquisite music, with words for the soul to consider in private meditation."""""""
Jan """""""I've just spent a couple hours with the spirit of you, Steven. My first guestbook comment only addressed your music, and I must return to tell you how filled I am with your wisdom in """"""""Human Matters."""""""" I read the first two columns, then got distracted by the work of publicizing my book, """"""""Dance in the Rain."""""""" Today is time for my spirit to be re-filled, and your columns have helped so magnificently. Thanks to you, Steven, for sharing your thoughts, even more for asking questions of me and your other readers. If you tell me everything you know, I know only your universe. When you ask those questions of yours, my own universe expands, and I am more whole. God bless you mightily. You are a very special man."""""""
"""""""Autumn Munday, Charleston, SC""""""" """""""Steven's music is so unique it's almost impossible to place him in any existing genres - perhaps along the lines of existential exploration? Each time you listen to a song you realize that there's something you missed the first, second or third, etc. time. Intelligent, melodic, intense and soulful nuggets to savor again and again. A rare treat that transcends time and helps us come to terms with the human condition."""""""

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