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CoCoNuT enjoyed your set and your company last night at money plays looking forward to seeing u... (keep on rock'en in the free world) lov@peaceeeeee.... CoCoNuT
Diana """""""Steven...You are the best! Artistry, lyrics and have fine-tuned them all. Thanks especially for """"""""The River"""""""" spoke to me from the minute I heard it and it keeps on flowing! God Bless you for being YOU!"""""""
Dyanne """""""I am an independent artist. I really love your music, and wish you could view my album on and let me know what you think. Your views would be greatly appreciated. my album is Love Is Here To Stay, artist: Dyanne Thanks!!!"""""""
Jan """""""Your music sweeps across my living room and fills every niche with a lingering afterglow of art that is just plain """"""""right."""""""" Wherever your genius is centered, it is such that almost anyone who hears it or reads it could easily relate to it. Thank you, Steven, for sharing yourself with all of us."""""""
Kayomus Irani """""""Great Site. I like steven and am a great fan of his music. Will check back often. & Hi, Tina."""""""
Carol Brobeck """""""I just had to say....To Jonathan's father, that I have been listening to Finally Here all afternoon and I am stuck on """"""""To Be Loved""""""""....and that you are really fun and funny and I can't wait to hang out at your house again. Thanks for everything on Saturday ;)"""""""
Jane Murdock """""""Don't think I can find a station in Phoenix, but know I love your songs and I love being a big fan!!! Break a leg! love ya! Jane"""""""
I. Jean Pastula PhD """""""Lathan Hudson shared this e-message with me; I am one of his biggest fans, he so admires your work, did want to know of you too, enjoyed your song very much. Jean"""""""
Don Ehlers Great to see the site and wonderful to get your Christmas letter. I think of you often. Always your friend!

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